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How to Stop Gang Violence

Posted on June 22, 2010 in: Event

Attend meetings with concerned citizens to organize programs within the local school through sports, drama and activities that offer alternatives to gangs. Provide gang and drug prevention classes to students. Let them know about gang related violence, death statistics, drug problems and a dead end future for many members. Offer support and counseling to victims of gangs living in the area. Maintain dress codes that prohibit displaying gang colors or paraphernalia. Work with the local police by establishing community patrols or a Neighborhood Watch program. Keep each other aware of graffiti, gang members and territories. Bring in community leaders, religious leaders, police, counselors, clubs like the YMCA and YWCA, business leaders and other community groups to acquire knowledge and develop programs to stop gang violence. Develop a strong bond with open communication with your children to stop them from joining or hanging around with violent gangs.

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Ask school and police officials about any province programs that apply. Programs like Character Counts, GREAT and DARE offer students information and alternatives to gang violence. Intervention and Prevention Program with community funding. The program against gangs includes job training, intervention, and education while providing the police with additional resources.