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Our Plan

Posted on September 2, 2016 in: Our Plan

The Grassy Park Community Police Forum supports the call by the Station Commander of the Grassy Park Police for a campaign to create more awareness and action to eradicate gangsterism.

The police precinct of Grassy Park is reeling under the onslaught of gangsterism which seems to have taken centre stage in the lives of many young people and children of school going age. The challenge of drug abuse and the unbridled drug trade in the area, supported by gangsterism is cause for great concern.

This document seeks to set out the plan for the campaign #gangsterismmustfall and will not deal with the statistics that highlights the need for such a campaign, save to state that if 13 people die in the space of 30 days from 15 November to 15 December 2015 in our area as a result of shootings and gang rivalry then there is a real problem to be addressed. Drugs worth millions of Rands have been taken out in the area.

It is our opinion that if we can break the back of gangsterism, then the battle against drug abuse would be so much easier to deal with. The converse is also true, if the drug trade is sufficiently frustrated, then the currency for gangsterism falls away.

The Grassy Park CPF will support efforts of the police and other agencies to weed out gangsterism in our area.

The CPF will enhance the message with a tag line: “see something, say something.”

The following steps, in no particular order of preference, will be followed in the believe that it is not the be all and end all of the campaign but a contribution to building a safer and better informed community.


Goal A is to create awareness with children in all the schools within our area. This would require the following action steps:

A1: Identify the schools and obtain contact details of principals and educator responsible for social action. Sector managers will be provided with a survey form to complete by visiting schools. The CPF would update is own database from this information.

A2: Provide each school with a letter or pamphlet for each child with information about the dangers of gangsterism to take home.

A3: The CPF to write to the chairpersons of all School Governing Bodies to inform them of the campaign and requesting support for the initiative.

A4: Source sponsors for the printing of the pamphlets.

Goal B is to enhance community awareness of the negative effects of gangsterism and how they can assist.

The following actions are required:

B1: Have community awareness meetings in all sub areas, not confined to the CPF Sub forum areas. As an example, to be more effective, separate meetings in sector 3 will be required for Lotus River and Pelican Park.

B2: Identify suitable venues for community awareness meetings.

B3: Form organizing committees from representatives of faith communities and other leaders in the community for each meeting.

B4: Display banners at strategic places in the area with the message of the campaign.

B5: Source sponsors for the publicity, meetings and advertising material.

Goal C: is to maximize the use of social media to create awareness

The following actions are required:

C1: create a facebook page and twitter account #gangsterismmustfall

C2: appoint somebody to manage the social media accounts

C3: ensure that information is posted to the social media daily

C4: Encourage stakeholders and partners to use the messages on their screens and in communications


The problem need to be addressed on many levels, such as impacting the individuals desire and inclination to crime which is a long term solution. To make the communities safer, in the meantime, it is important that containment be pursued in the short term.

Goal 2.1 is to encourage the Grassy Park police to map a plan of enforcement

This will require the following action:

2.1.1 the CPF to engage the Station Commander to enquire about the existence of an enforcement plan.

2.1.2 gain insight into the main goals of the police enforcement plan and ensure that all activities of the CPF and NHW’s are aligned to this.

2.1.3 encourage the deployment of specialist at station level

Goal 2.2 is to frustrate the movement and resource generation of gangs

2.2.1 monitor application of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA)

2.2.2 encourage police to set targets with the CPF and to account to the community

Goal 2.3 is to motivate for increased resources for the Grassy Park Police

2.3.1 research the allotted human resources for the station

2.3.2 engage the police cluster and provincial police department with requirements for vehicles and other related resources.

Goal 2.4 is to ensure that gangsters are removed from the community

This requires that:

2.4.1 All gangster arrested are denied bail for as long as possible, thus keeping them out of the community

2.4.2 supporting statements for bail denial must accompany every appearance of offenders

2.4.3 a laison person must be appointed to interact with the investigating officer


Goal 3.1 is to get to know who has the same or similar objectives

This requires the following action:

3.1.1 A database must be developed

3.1.2 The CPF must appoint a person to research organisations and services available

Goal 3.2 is to create a forum or join an existing forum

3.2.1 once the databse is established, letters should be sent to all others to inform the organisations of the plan.

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Ask school and police officials about any province programs that apply. Programs like Character Counts, GREAT and DARE offer students information and alternatives to gang violence. Intervention and Prevention Program with community funding. The program against gangs includes job training, intervention, and education while providing the police with additional resources.